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our concept is a combination of very high quality pasta, sauces and wines from the best Italian tradition with a professional point of sale solution, never seen on the market before. It also comes with its very own packaging, clothing range and advertising campaign.

The workstation is compact and comprehensive, equipped with all the tools of the trade: pasta cooking station, refrigerated displays, "bagno maria" containers for the sauces, hobs, fridge, sink, water tank, storage and power generator, if required - all as a stand-alone unit. This solution - currently not present on the market - is ideal for work in a reduced space, with guaranteed low costs and high efficiency. It requires no specialised operators because everything is automated and based on hi-tech solutions, that make preparation and procedures easy and quick. More about

At the moment we are searching for the right location in Vienna.


Amaté is a complete line of natural body care products. The Italy-made cosmetics series is a perfect synthesis of naturalness, innovation and well-being for the whole family. The products are really natural and it can be proven by tests! Amaté is different, all endocrine disruptors have been eliminated. Amaté complies with the guidelines of the WHO, the Ministry of Environment and the Higher Health Institute of LILT. MORE INFORMATION


We offer excellent software with IFITT certification (International Federation For IT & Tourism). The uniqueness of the system is based on the integration of all hotel services and their individual market-oriented requirements.

A modern complete solution An innovative hotel software that is compatible with the hardware and covers all functions of a modern and fully automated hotel



  • Minimal investment

  • Open 24/7 without additional costs

  • No room reservation, no costs

  • Increases customer frequency

  • Increases the rate of room occupancy

  • Variables IT costs

  • 30-35% EBIT

  • Reduces costs during the low season

We have piqued your interest? Please contact us for further information!

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